Nominees for the best Best MyData service

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With MyData people can practically control their own data. People are at the center of utilising their data. We are looking for services that are using MyData successfully.

Note that you can nominate also services that were launched before 2016. However, the jury will give emphasis to the novelty of the application.

In addition to liking nominees on Facebook, you can tell us why should your favourite nominee win.

Fmi weather

Finnish meteorological institute weather application.

Work Pilots Oy

Work Pilots helps young people to find steps towards their dream job - one gig at a time! With our "mobile first" multichannel service (iOS, Android and web) young people will be able to find gigs easier than ever and gain some valuable work experience.


Good profits and competitions

Paw Map

Paw Map is a free app which helps dog owners to avoid glass shards, dangerous animals, poisons and other hazards outside.

Oma riista

Oma riista is an easy-to-use private journal for users to record game animal observation and harvest data. At the same time, it provides reliable and accurate data for game management in a crowdsourced manner to ensure sustainable use of our wildlife.


Treamer yhdistää työnantajat ja työntekijät.




All connected devices are controlled by the Houm central unit. The central unit takes commands from wireless switches and mobile devices, and decides how intense the lighting should be


Giving you secure and easy remote access on the go. The application is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


Viestintää asiakkaan ehdoilla Ostotietojen perusteella asiakkaille voidaan myös viestiä palveluista paremmin ja osuvammin. Jos ostotiedoista esimerkiksi selviää, että asiakas ei syö lihaa, hänelle voidaan viestiä kasvisvaihtoehtojen uutuuksista.

F-Secure Freedome VPN

F-Secure Freedome edustaa uuden sukupolven yksityisyydensuojaa ja tietoturvaa. Suojaa itsesi hakkereilta ja vakoilijoilta yhdellä napin painalluksella, ja valitse haluamasi virtuaalinen sijainti F-Secure Freedomella.