Nominees for the best Entertainment service

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Service or application which makes time fly.

Note that you can nominate also services that were launched before 2016. However, the jury will give emphasis to the novelty of the application.

In addition to liking nominees on Facebook, you can tell us why should your favourite nominee win.


Pääset lukemaan Digilehdet-palvelun sisältöä tilaamalla vähintään yhden Sanoman aikakauslehden. Jos olet jo tilaaja ja olet aktivoinut Digilehdet-käyttöoikeuden, kirjaudu suoraan sisään palveluun.


Helpo tapa ostaa ja myydä vaatteita ja asusteita


We've searched over 36 cities for exceptional restaurants with the mission of bringing their tasty offerings to more and more people. Now, through our app and website, it’s simple to order delicious meals to your home, office, or wherever are today.


Selaa lajeja helposti, tai etsi havaitsemasi laji tuntomerkkihaun avulla. Katsele laadukkaita valokuvia, lue lajien esiintymisestä ja valmistuksesta.


Helppo tapa varata palveluita.


Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) is an app for customers of HelMet library. It handles all your library things like searching, reservations and renewals. It also gives reading recommendations and guides you to the nearest library.

Suomen Vesiputoukset

Suomen Vesiputoukset is a richly illustrated, mobile-first designed web service that helps you find and explore the most beautiful waterfalls in Finland.

Randomi is an easy way to find somebody to talk to when bored. Randomi connects you with a random user, and allows you to chat with him/her. You can also create profile and find more friends.

Rawr Messenger

Rawr Messenger brings awesome moves to messages; Create your 3D self and unleash a totally new level of expression with friends. HUG, DANCE together or FISTBUMP to hammer a message home!