REKKU, REKisteri-kilven KUvaus sovellus

With a help of your mobile device, you can take a picture of a vehicle's licence plate and find out who is the owner of the vehicle in a case of emergency.

There are many accidents and mishaps involving vehicles, such as leaving a pet in a hot car or even a child. Fender-benders, accidents or other emergencies also require tracking down the owner of the vehicle. In cases like these, it is really important to have the matter resolved as quickly as possible with the help of your mobile.

The idea is to take a picture of the licence plate, using the camera on your mobile device.

This service would be most useful for the Emergency Services, Ambulance and Police but it can be very helpful for consumer market as well

The App connects to the Department of Motor Vehicles, tracks down the owners personal info with a phone number, so that the issue can be solved. It is possible to connect a service which provides phone number (such as Fonecta etc) or it can be included within the first seach.

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