We provide virtual services for home-dwelling elderly with impaired functional capacity. The services are on-line, interactive and easy to use and they are delivered using videotechnology. The services are versatile and they are available in a webshop.

The end-user for our solution is the home-dwelling elderly, especially the ones who are not able to go out of their homes due to illness, widowhood or environmental barriers. They are suffering from immobility, isolation, loneliness and fear. According to the studies these feelings have a strong correlation with decline of the functional capacity of the elderly and therefore an increased demand for services. To cope at home they need novel easy-to-use services delivered to their homes. Our integration tool offers them better and easier access to virtual services. In several small scale pilots it has been shown that the virtual services increase quality of life, decrease the feeling of loneliness and isolation and improve the ability to live longer at home.

We are offering a large selection of interactive services, e.g. a variety of physical and mental rehabilitation, educational programs, cultural services.

As a service integrator, Sanoste Oy provides an online market place, SanoStore for service providers to advertise and sell their products to the market. In the SanoStore the customers can place an order and pay for the services and Sanoste will take care of the one-to-many delivery of the desired service.

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