Cotio is a digital service designed to allow passengers to reclaim valuable items surrendered at the security checkpoint in a straight-forward, cost-effective manner. With the service surrendered items can be retrieved via for a small service fee

When passengers have prohibited items in their carry-on or checked baggage, security screening personnel are obligated to remove them. The removed items go usually to waste disposal.

Cotio offers the airport staff an easy way to handle surrendered and confiscated items and at the same time build goodwill by providing passengers a quick and simple way to retrieve their belongings.

1. Carry-on baggage
When an item in carry-on baggage is surrendered, the security officer provides the passenger with a receipt for the surrendered item. The receipt contains a code that the passenger will need to use to order delivery for their item at Passengers are also given easy-to-understand instructions for using the service.

The service fee varies depending on the nature of the item and the delivery method chosen. Cotio stores the passengers’ items for 30 days. If they are not ordered during that timem they are sold or given directly to charity.

2. Checked baggage
The return service also works with items that are removed from checked baggage. The security officer places a note inside the baggage informing the passenger about the removal of the item. The note also contains a code that the passenger uses to order item delivery service from on similar terms as with carry-on baggage.

With the Cotio service passengers are offered an easy way to retrieve their valuable items. Cotio enables airport security staff to offer great, hassle-free customer service for the passengers and add value to the overall customer service experience at the airport. The service speeds up the passenger flow by reducing arguing at the security check, as passengers are given a chance to get their surrendered items back.

The return process is simple and easy to put into practice. Cotio provides the security staff with detailed instructions on how to improve the overall customer experience in a simple yet effective way.

The service is active at Helsinki International Airport for hand baggage. It will soon be extended to other airports and to checked baggage.

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