Work Pilots Oy

Work Pilots helps young people to find steps towards their dream job - one gig at a time! With our "mobile first" multichannel service (iOS, Android and web) young people will be able to find gigs easier than ever and gain some valuable work experience.

Offering and finding work opportunities with Work pilots is extremely simple. The app is always with you on your mobile phone and it will find the perfect worker or job for you nearby. Don’t worry about the contracts or payments: we will take care of them for you. You will only commit to one job at the time.

Work Pilots was born out of the desire to tear down needless barriers to job opportunities and giving as many people as possible the chance of getting valuable work experience. The service prevents gray economy by automatically taking care of the contracts and taxes. Thanks to the transparent pricing, you will always know in advance exactly how much you pay and the money the worker will end up with.

In addition to gaining work experience and money, feedback received helps to improve and boost strengths which are vital for building successful careers. Successful experiences can make a big difference to one’s self-confidence and increasing motivation to improve current situation.
Short term tasks is a great way to gain crucial work skills, introducing oneself to different working environments and starting to build one’s career and earning - and with our mobile service it is now easy and fast!

Service was first launched in spring 2016 and now we have already over 5500 users, 12 cities - more is joining us each day. Lets help all together our youth to take valuable steps towards their dream jobs!

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